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Ringette Pants that are tough, cool, stay-dry, fit well and look great!

Here are the features you're looking for in your ringette pants:

Welcome to the 2015/2016 Season

Ringette pants for the very small to the very tall and all sizes in between!

This year there's a new pricing structure, so check below for the details

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Current designs....
Ottawa (CORA) Ottawa ringette pant

Lethbridge AB pant the whole Lethbridge association

(All the pants below here cost the standard price)
Gloucester (GCRA) Gloucester Ontario ringette pants

Metcalfe Ontario ringette pants
Metcalfe (MDRA)

Markham Bunnies, ON Markham ringette's new bunny look
detail of Markham ringette's new bunny design Markham's design detail

Sault Ste.Marie, ON Sault Ste.Marie ringette pant

St.Catharines ringette pant St Catharines, ON

Airdrie, Calgary 1 of 2 designs Airdrie #1 ringette pant

North Bay/West Ferris ringette pants 2 North Bay/West Ferris teams will have this design

PEI: burgundy lightening PEI's ringette pants

Chatham Ontario ringette pants Chatham, ON

Wildfire in Winnipeg, MB Wildfire's ringette pants in Winnipeg, Manitoba


Designing custom made Ringette Pants since 2002

PennerAlls are made using a cotton/polyester blend woven right here in Montreal, Canada. It's light-weight (compared to knits) but durable and double sewn with heavy duty thread. Players find these ringette pants to be cooler to wear than knits which tend to be very hot, and over-heating contributes to fatigue. We stock black, royal blue, grey and navy for the pants themselves and white, royal blue, purple, teal, grey, green, orange, red, and yellow for stripes and trim. Other colours can be ordered.

To keep up with this long-wearing fabric, all seams are serged & twin stitched and the knees are doubled all the way down to the hem.

HOW DO YOU GET A PAIR OF THESE GREAT ringette pants? Just email me or phone (613) 821-2700 for your pair of PennerAlls (If the little envelope doesn't work for you, just use rita@WhereElse.ca )

Sizing Decisions:

  1. We need the hip measurement with the girdle on
  2. and the inseam measurement to the floor without skates That will put the hem to the bottom of the boot, allowing for 3-4" of growth.
  3. How you want the ringette pants held up: elastic straps, webbing straps or a webbing or elastic belt with belt loops: (Both types of straps open with buckles)
  4. Do you want to hold the cuffs down? Then decide on elastic or webbing straps.

$$$$   Prices for most 'one leg, front only' designs
(hips must be measured with girdle on
$55 for Bunny sizes (hips 30" or less)
$62 for Kids small (hips 32" or less)
$69 for Kids medium (hips 36" or less)
$76 for Kids large (hips 39" or less)
$84 for Adult small (hips 41" or less)
$88 for Adult medium (hips 44" or less)
$92 for Adult large (hips 46" or less)
$95 for Adult all extra large sizes(hips up to 65")
HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE?   The delivery for a whole team is can be as fast as 1 or 2 weeks. Individual pants can arrive faster than that depending on the backlog, of course.

PennerAll: A CLOSER LOOK (click to enlarge any of the pictures)
The shoulder straps are adjustable and open with a side-release buckle, same as the belt.
webbing suspenders
Webbing shoulder strap
elastic suspenders
Elastic shoulder straps

Side-release Buckle made from the highest quality acetal resins

Belts were far and away more popular than suspenders for a few years but suspenders are coming back now. The reason is that girdles are getting taller due to the kidney protection pad.
belted ringette pants
Belt with belt loops
Girdles are getting thicker as well. This means that it's all the more important to measure hips WITH the girdle ON! A hip measurement increases anywhere from 4" to 9" with the girdle on.

Unless requested your ringette pants will no longer come with cuff straps. 99% of ringette pants are ordered WITHOUT cuff straps because PennerAlls don't ride up and stay up.

The cuff straps are closed by hooking the straps through D-rings attached to the inseam and fastened with velcro.
Compare: All our cuff straps can be easily lengthened by 2" by cutting one small row of stitching. Does the competition have this feature?
webbing cuff straps
webbing cuff strap (more durable than elastic ones)
elastic cuff straps
cuff elastic (better quality than the competition uses)
d-rings on cuff straps
D-rings (also made from the highest quality acetal resins)
PennerAll ringette pants are skating around in every province but 'the Rock'. Hey, Newfoundland!! Get some PennerAlls this year!

Orders or enquiries from anywhere are welcome!!

Ringette Equipment Sources:  
Rink-Pro is pretty serious about being a quality sports equipment supplier. They specialize in Ringette, Hockey and Lacrosse. Notice that 'ringette' is listed first for a change! They are the ringette supplier of choice in the west end at least, maybe all of Ottawa... Go visit their site and their store in Stittsville at 6081 Hazeldean Rd (at Main) Call them at 613-831-8936 or 866-858-8936
This is an exciting new development in the ringette world!! Right now these new sticks are concentrated in lucky Nova Scotia. There's no question that they will be everywhere soon. (It's not just the new ribbed tip) Go visit the site.

Email us if you have any questions or comments or you can call. Ask for Rita at (613) 821-2700
Note: If the little envelope doesn't work for you, just use rita@WhereElse.ca
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